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Welcome to my website: Family Law Kent

Welcome to my website: Family Law Kent


Family Law Advice

I am a specialist family solicitor in Kent, and have a wealth of experience in dealing with the full spectrum of family law issues. I provide clear, and straightforward advice to my clients, and I am often commended for my no nonsense approach. I have dealt with a number of clients, all from varying walks of life, from divorcing housewives and house husbands to high net worth divorcing entrepreneurs. No matter what the case, you will always receive a high level of service from me; client care is incredibly important to me and I am passionate about ensuring that my clients are well looked after.

I understand that approaching a matrimonial solicitor can be a very difficult step to take, particularly under such emotionally charged circumstances, but I will be on hand to listen to the problems you are facing, and offer strategic advice as to the most appropriate step for you to take.

In some instances, the advice I provide may not be what you want to hear, but my role is not to encourage unrealistic expectations or to keep you sweet throughout the process, but to ensure you know where you stand from the off to enable you to focus on the end game; achieving the best outcome possible. 

I have a keen eye for detail, and can tactically plan, from an early stage, which route will be best for my clients to take; not all cases are the same, so as a consultant family law solicitor my focus is entirely on my clients and their needs. 

I am  a member of the Law Society Family Law Accreditation Scheme, which signifies that I am a specialist family lawyer in Kent, and is a mark of excellence.

You will see that I have opted for a neutral theme running through the website, with photographs of landscapes, and nature. I made the decision to shy away from the standard images you see all too often relating to family difficulties, divorce and separation, to promote a more neutral and less conflict ridden space for you to browse...