If your relationship has broken down, you will be filled with a mixture of emotions, one of which will undoubtedly be uncertainty. Sometimes not knowing which way to turn, or which path to take can be scary, and this coupled with the emotional trauma of a relationship breakdown can be hard to cope with. I will be there to guide you through the process, to discuss the various options open to you, and provide you with the certainty that you require.


Fast Legal Advice 

If your relationship is starting to bear cracks, or if you have been separated from your partner or spouse for a period of time, I can provide you with transparent advice as to the next steps you should take, so as to protect yourself legally.

Sometimes separation or even divorce is not the answer, and discussing these options can make you recognize that all is not lost and that there remains scope for you to work on your relationship with your partner or spouse.

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If there is a chance that the problems within the relationship can be repaired, then reconciliation may well be the first option we discuss.

Alternatively, if your relationship has not broken down, and you believe there are areas for improvement, marriage counselling or couples therapy may be something you wish to explore. My role within the process is not, however, one of counsellor, but instead I will be providing advice and guidance as well as acting in your best interests within the parameters of the law. 


Divorce or Separation?

Sometimes the hardest step to take is making an appointment to see a solicitor regarding the breakdown of your relationship, which I understand and recognize. Discussing personal problems can be daunting, but be rest assured that I offer clear, solid and professional advice as to the most appropriate route for you to take. There will be no judgement.

If, however, separation is the only option, I can provide you with advice and discuss with you the next steps you will need to take to ensure your best interests are protected.