Injunctions/ Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is not just physical violence


Legally Protect Yourself From Abuse. Protect Your Children From Abuse.

If you are in a relationship where you have suffered or continue to suffer from abuse, be it physically or mentally, I can help you ensure that steps are taken to safeguard not only yourself, but any children of the family.

Family Abuse: Sensitive Legal Advice 

It can be very difficult to discuss this issue, particularly with a stranger, but I will be on hand to listen to the difficulties you have faced and formulate a plan of action as to how best you can obtain the protection you need. The law is in place to protect those that are vulnerable, and I can offer you advice as to the various options that are available to you.


Family Law Orders. Occupation Order. Non-Molestation Order.  

Non molestation orders and occupation orders can be sought from the court to not only provide you with protection from the abuser, but also to remove them or stop them entering your home.