Matrimonial Finance

Negotiating a matrimonial financial settlement can be a complex task, as there is no ready-made formula to follow when deciding how to divide matrimonial assets.


Financial Advice: Divorce And Separation.

Each case will turn on its own set of circumstances, and this can cause confusion, no two cases will be the same, and a one-fit suits all is not the answer.  It is therefore vitally important that you seek legal advice at an earlier stage in relation to financial matters, so you are aware of the position, and so you can plan for your future.


Divorce Finances Procedure. How To Separate Assets.

The financial needs of both parties must be considered, and any agreement reached must be forged on the foundation that the terms of such agreement are both fair and reasonable on both parties. The financial needs of any minor children must not be forgotten, as they are of paramount importance when negotiating a financial settlement.

Assets and income needs, both now and in the future, are quantified within the negotiation process. Both parties will be required to provide full and frank disclosure when dealing with the finances, as this will assist in assessing the needs of both parties. 

In some instances the assistance of an expert will be called upon to deal with matters which are outside the remit of expertise (tax advice for instance) when quantifying and dividing assets, and this is something I will discuss with you should the need present itself.


How To Start Dividing Matrimonial Finances.

The starting point when looking at a financial settlement is an equal division of the available assets; this is purely the opening stage however, and there will need to be a good reason as to why there should be a departure from equality. I can provide you with clear and practical advice as to financial matters, and what you may expect to achieve by way of a financial settlement